How to Appear in Airbnb’s Special Categories

Ever wondered how Airbnb decides which special category to place your listing in? It’s an intriguing aspect that could significantly impact your listing’s visibility. We delved into this and stumbled upon some interesting findings.

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A Humorous Discovery

We currently manage multiple themed properties in Orlando, adorned with beautiful murals on the walls. It was through these murals that we unraveled a part of Airbnb’s category algorithm.

The ‘Lakeside’ Label

One of our properties, despite not being near a lake, was labeled as ‘Lakeside’ on Airbnb. The reason? A captivating mural of a lake on one of its walls. Airbnb’s algorithm picked up on this image, leading to the ‘Lakeside’ categorization.

The ‘Countryside’ Conundrum

Similarly, another property found itself under the ‘Countryside’ category, thanks to a mural depicting a peaceful countryside scene. The actual location, however, is far from any countryside, showcasing how images can influence categorization.

The Lesson: Images Hold Power

Our exploration revealed that images play a crucial role in how Airbnb categorizes your listing. A clear, representative image could be your ticket to landing in the right category. However, it’s vital to remain authentic to ensure a positive guest experience.

Guiding Your Listing to the Right Category

If your property has a genuine feature, like a nearby lake or a countryside setting, showcasing it through images could help Airbnb categorize it accurately. This simple step could enhance your listing’s visibility, attracting more guests.

Understanding the quirks of Airbnb’s categorization algorithm can be a stepping stone towards optimizing your listing authentically. As you upload images to your Airbnb listing, remember, the right picture could be your gateway to a fitting category, potentially leading to more bookings.

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