Guesswork is so 2022.

Now you can see how individual changes actually impact your revenue. No more guesswork or manual logging. Just data-driven insights.

With IntelliHost’s Automatic Change Tracker, you don’t have to be a listing expert to boost bookings and attract more guests.

Concrete Results. Real Impact.

Our Automatic Change Tracker detects and computes the exact impact of edits you make over time. See real-time results without diving deep into confusing metrics.

Save Time and Effort

No need to manually track changes or analyze results. Our tool does it all, letting you focus on optimizing your listing for maximum bookings, giving you more money and time, two things we could all use a bit more of.

Cut your losses and maximize your winners

As property managers ourselves, we know that not all changes are positive, and with our change tracker, you will be able to see when changes hurt your bookings and prevent future losses.

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