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Turn your “maybes” into “definitely’s”. IntelliHost is a listing optimization software that digs deep into your listing’s data analytics to provide you with custom insights that can really make a huge difference to your listing.

With IntelliHost, you don’t guess your way to success – you know it.

Airbnb Listing Optimization Tool

Competitive Edge Unveiled

IntelliHost gives you property-specific, in-depth analysis of your vacation rental’s performance – at every stage of the customer booking process, to show you exactly where you can improve.

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Actionable Recommendations for Each Listing

We believe that every host deserves customized advice to optimize their rental strategy. That’s why we equip you with personalized tips and a unique optimization score for your listings, all scientifically backed by data. Say hello to a world where strategic decisions are a breeze, and every listing update drives you towards increased revenue.

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Automated Change Tracker for Easy Improvements

Leap ahead in the Airbnb hosting game with IntelliHost’s Automated Change Tracker. This intelligent tool auto-detects your listing modifications and pinpoints their impact on your performance metrics. Save precious time, skip the guesswork, and focus on result-driven changes that skyrocket your booking rates.

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know how you are doing compared to the competition


Follow data driven recommendations to make changes to your listing


Know how your changes are impacting your bottom line

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