How Steve’s STR listings went from $6K / month revenue to $12k months in under 60 days

A Revenue IQ Client Case Study Client: Steve, Short-Term Rental Host Location: Hampshire, UK (formerly London) Background Steve began his short-term rental journey in September 2023 after moving from London to Hampshire. With a property located in Shepherd’s Bush, a prime area near the largest shopping center in Europe, he expected substantial income. Initially, he … Read more

How to Avoid the Airbnb Review Cliff

title page of blog post about airbnb review cliff

Ever heard of the “Airbnb review cliff”? It’s a simple concept with big consequences for your Airbnb listing. Let’s dive into what it means and how you can steer clear of it. Pssssst! Are you more of a video person? Then click HERE to watch Jeff’s video breakdown. Understanding the Review Cliff At IntelliHost, we … Read more

Sneak Peak Into IntelliHost’s Newly-Released Predictive Pricing Tool

Blog thumbnail portraying founder of intellihost gawking over a software image of a pricing tool

Have you ever wondered if there’s a magic formula to ensure your Airbnb listings are priced perfectly? Well, the future is here with IntelliHost’s groundbreaking tool: Predictive Pricing. This innovative approach is changing the game for Airbnb hosts, and here’s why it’s a big deal. The Limitations of Traditional Pricing Tools Traditional pricing tools like … Read more

Launching A New STR In 2024? Here’s The Optimized Way To Do It.

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Knowing when to launch your short-term rental (STR) can unlock a 20% boost in returns within the initial six months— but only if you plan ahead. A new Revedy study indicates a go-live date of 1-3 months before peak season improves initial six-month returns by 20%, while launching 1-3 months afterward can reduce returns by … Read more

Welcome Notes: How Small Details Can Make a Huge Difference in Guest Experience

Wondering how to transform your Airbnb guests’ arrival into a memorable experience? Sarah Gravity, an successful SuperHost, shares a simple yet effective strategy: personalized welcome messages. This small gesture can significantly enhance your guests’ experience from the moment they step into your space. Pssssst! Are you more of a video person? Then click HERE to … Read more

*Updated Analysis* The Impact of Airbnb’s Guest Favorites Badge on Listings

A short while ago, we introduced you to the initial information and findings on the impact of Airbnb’s new Guest Favorites badge on booking rates (to read that article and learn more about what the new guest favorites badge is, click HERE). Building on that preliminary data, we have now further analyzed thousands of listings … Read more

How to Get The “Guest Favorites” Badge on Airbnb: What’s The Impact?

How to get the coveted airbnb guest favorites badge.

Airbnb’s recent Winter Release, announced by CEO Brian Chesky, has introduced an exciting feature for hosts and guests alike: the “Guest Favorites” badge. This new accolade has quickly become a hot topic among the Airbnb community, sparking discussions and speculations about its impact. At IntelliHost, we’re diving into this development, keen to uncover how it … Read more

Personal Touch vs. Professional Branding: Does Your Airbnb Profile Image Influence Listing Success?

Logo VS Personal Image: How Profile Picture May Affect Your Listings

Have you ever wondered whether you should use a professional logo or image instead of a more personal image for your Airbnb profile? We sifted through a trove of data at IntelliHost, and the insights could surprise you. When it comes to hosting and managing properties on the OTA’s, every detail counts, from the description … Read more

The Superhost Effect: How It Influences the Airbnb Algorithm and Bookings

Ever wondered if having the ‘Superhost’ badge could get you more bookings on Airbnb? Jeff, our founder at IntelliHost, took a deep dive into our data to uncover how being a Superhost can influence the four primary booking funnel metrics. The findings? Let’s just say you might be in for a surprise. Impressions: To Appear … Read more