Increase Airbnb Bookings With Cleanliness? Read The Stats.

For Airbnb hosts, It’s no secret that cleanliness is the number 1 most important factor to getting a 5 star review. And high reviews obviously increase the Airbnb’s bookings over time.  To analyze the impact, we (IntelliHost) pulled average revenue by star rating to figure out how much a good cleaner impacts your bottom line.  … Read more

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Two Night Minimums: An Airbnb Owner’s Guide for Increasing Occupancy Rate

As an Airbnb owner, you know that the more nights your guests stay, the more money you make. But did you know that having a two night minimum could actually increase your listing’s occupancy rate, and even boost your profit by 41%? That’s right, according to our data (IntelliHost), setting a two night minimum has … Read more

How Quickly Responding To Airbnb Inquiries Can Boost Your BnB

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How Pets Can Affect Your Airbnb’s Revenue

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Keep Calm and Use Dynamic Pricing

Have you ever had an Airbnb stay booked for a holiday weekend only to be stuck with plenty of vacancies the rest of the week? Dynamic pricing can help, big time! We compared properties that have daily fluctuations in their pricing to those that only differentiate between holidays and weekends. On average, listings with daily … Read more

Not Getting Professional Photos For Your Airbnb Listing? You’re Losing Out on Money

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