How Quickly Responding To Airbnb Inquiries Can Boost Your BnB

Have you ever wondered what factors into your ranking on Airbnb? We’ve all heard the basics like “maintain a high rating” or “keep your calendar updated” but what about response times?

As it turns out, being fast is key. According to a recent article from Airbnb, one of their search algorithm criteria is “your response times to inquiries”. It makes sense—guests want answers quickly and if they don’t get them from you, they will go somewhere else. So how can Airbnb hosts stay ahead of the competition? Let’s dive in!

The Importance of Speed

Guests are often asking similar questions to multiple properties they are considering booking with, and whoever responds first will have a better chance of getting the booking. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your photos or how great your reviews may be; if you don’t respond quickly enough, you could lose out on potential bookings.

Therefore, it is essential not just to respond promptly but also to provide helpful and informative answers that give the guest all the information they need in order to make their decision.

Tips for Faster Responses

  1. Stay Alert: Make sure your Airbnb app, SMS, and email notifications are on. This way, you’ll see new messages right away1.
  2. Use Airbnb’s Tools: Airbnb offers quick replies, which are templates for common questions. This means you don’t have to type the same answers repeatedly1. Scheduled messages, especially for check-ins and check-outs, can also help1.
  3. Organize Your Inbox: Airbnb’s inbox has search and filter features. This helps you find important messages faster2.
  4. Know Common Questions: If you know what guests usually ask, you can prepare answers ahead of time.
  5. Use Web Tools: There are tools like OwnerRez that help hosts manage multiple Airbnb accounts in one place. Other tools, like iGMS, offer automated messaging, which can speed up replies.

In Short

Fast and clear replies can boost your Airbnb success. Many guests ask the same questions to different hosts. Being quick can set you apart. If you want to improve your Airbnb ranking, replying quickly is a top priority.

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