How to Get The “Guest Favorites” Badge on Airbnb: What’s The Impact?

Airbnb’s recent Winter Release, announced by CEO Brian Chesky, has introduced an exciting feature for hosts and guests alike: the “Guest Favorites” badge. This new accolade has quickly become a hot topic among the Airbnb community, sparking discussions and speculations about its impact. At IntelliHost, we’re diving into this development, keen to uncover how it might affect your listings and what strategies you can employ to adapt to this change.

What is the “Guest Favorites” Badge?

  • Exceptional Reviews: Homes must average above 4.9 stars and receive high marks in key areas like check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, host communication, location, and value.

  • Outstanding Reliability: These homes have an impressive track record of minimal host cancellations and very few quality-related customer service issues, averaging around 1%.

How The Badge May Influence Bookings

While we don’t have enough data to say for certain how these badges may affect listings and their booking funnels (though it will be coming soon), we do have the following potential impacts:

The Real Deal Behind Airbnb’s “Guest Favorites” Badge

What’s Next?

The full impact of this badge is still unfolding. As IntelliHost gathers more data, we’ll provide insights on whether it significantly boosts visibility and bookings.

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