*Updated Analysis* The Impact of Airbnb’s Guest Favorites Badge on Listings

A short while ago, we introduced you to the initial information and findings on the impact of Airbnb’s new Guest Favorites badge on booking rates (to read that article and learn more about what the new guest favorites badge is, click HERE). Building on that preliminary data, we have now further analyzed thousands of listings using the past couple weeks of data to provide you with an updated, more comprehensive insight. In this follow-up article, we delve deeper into the nuances of how this badge is shaping the success of Airbnb properties. Let’s explore what our latest data reveals about the badge’s influence on your bookings.

The Power of the Badge: Understanding its Influence

Increased Visibility: A Significant Leap in Impressions

Booking Rate: A Notable Difference

Conclusions and Future Insights

While it’s still early days, the Airbnb Guest Favorites badge appears to have a positive impact on bookings, particularly in terms of visibility and booking rate. As we continue to collect and analyze data, we expect to gain more insights into its long-term effects.

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