Launching A New STR In 2024? Here’s The Optimized Way To Do It.

Image of space ship taking off, representing launching a listing on airbnb

Knowing when to launch your short-term rental (STR) can unlock a 20% boost in returns within the initial six months— but only if you plan ahead. A new Revedy study indicates a go-live date of 1-3 months before peak season improves initial six-month returns by 20%, while launching 1-3 months afterward can reduce returns by … Read more

Welcome Notes: How Small Details Can Make a Huge Difference in Guest Experience

Wondering how to transform your Airbnb guests’ arrival into a memorable experience? Sarah Gravity, an successful SuperHost, shares a simple yet effective strategy: personalized welcome messages. This small gesture can significantly enhance your guests’ experience from the moment they step into your space. Pssssst! Are you more of a video person? Then click HERE to … Read more