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The Limitations of Traditional Pricing Tools

  • Reliance on Competitors’ Pricing: Many smaller, less optimized hosts dictate these averages, potentially leading to undervalued and misinformed pricing strategies.

  • Lack of Real-Time Demand Data: Traditional tools aren’t able to consider the actual traffic (first page impressions, click traffic, etc.) and interest your property is receiving from the OTA’s, which is crucial for determining demand.

Enter Predictive Pricing: A Traffic-Based Approach

How Predictive Pricing Works

  • Traffic and Conversion Data: It predicts the likelihood of your property being booked by analyzing click traffic and conversion rates.

  • Tailored Price Recommendations: Based on this data, Predictive Pricing suggests adjustments (through strategic highlighting) to optimize for your desired occupancy rates.

  • Dynamic Adjustment: Unlike traditional tools, Predictive Pricing doesn’t immediately recalibrate after a price change. It waits to incorporate new traffic data, ensuring more accurate predictions.

  • Seamless Integration with Price Labs: Adjustments made in Predictive Pricing can be pushed directly to Price Labs, making the process efficient and user-friendly.

The Practical Impact: Real-World Results

How Predictive Pricing Works

  • Monitor The Colors: Regularly review the next 90 days of your Predictive calendar.

  • Making Adjustments: Adjust prices up or down in response to the booking likelihood.

  • Pushing Changes: Implement the changes directly into Price Labs.

Transforming Your Airbnb Strategy

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