How Pam 2.5X’d Her Conversion Rate (and tripled revenue) in 16 Days

While a robust first page impression rate can drive potential guests to your listing, the true success metric is your conversion rate: how many of those visitors actually book your property? When Pam, a property owner, faced a conversion crisis, Jeff from IntelliHost stepped in. Let’s dive into Pam’s transformation journey. Pssst! If you’d rather … Read more

How to Optimize Your Airbnb Listing: A Case Study of Benjamin’s Property

Meet Benjamin from Lake Tahoe, California. Despite owning an incredibly beautiful property with competitive metrics in most areas, one roadblock was significantly hindering his booking rates. However, with IntelliHost’s detailed analysis and strategic suggestions, he conquered this issue and witnessed a fourfold surge in his bookings. Lets dive into his case study. PSSSST! If you … Read more