How Airbnb’s Exact Location Setting Can Improve Your Bookings

Ever wondered what the effect of turning on exact location could be for you property? It’s an intriguing aspect that could impact your listing’s bookings. We delved in and stumbled upon some interesting findings.

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Understanding Exact Location

If you don’t activate the exact location setting for your listing, your listing will show up in the general area that it is located. This means if your property is lakefront, you could show up neighborhoods away from the actual lake location.

Once activated, your property’s location pin will hover over the exact location, making location-sensitive listings more appealing and accurate.

The Importance of Accurate Location

Imagine being a beachfront property, but Airbnb’s approximate location shows you a block away from the beach. Or, even worse, being a downtown gem but appearing under an overpass. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

One of our users had this exact issue. Once he switched to the exact location, his downtown property rightfully claimed its spot in the heart of the city, and voila, his click rate skyrocketed.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We were intrigued. So, we rolled up our sleeves and analyzed over a hundred properties that made the switch to exact location. Here’s what we found:

  • First Page Impression Rate: No change here. As expected, Airbnb doesn’t boost your rank just for using the exact location.
  • Click Rate: This is where the magic happens. On average, the click rate jumped from 21% to 23%. It might seem like a mere 1.5% increase, but based on the original 21%, that’s almost a 6% boost. Not too shabby for a 60-second tweak, right?


If your property’s location is its selling point, using the exact location can be beneficial. It’s a simple adjustment that can enhance your click rate.

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