What’s the Best Airbnb Listing Description Length?

Considering how to craft the perfect Airbnb listing? Among the numerous elements to factor in, the length of your description might be on your mind. We recently delved into this topic, leveraging data from IntelliHost to uncover if there’s a “sweet spot” for description length. Read on for the intriguing findings.

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Our Approach: Diving Deep Into Data

For our investigation, we sifted through properties on IntelliHost that added at least a thousand characters to their descriptions. We aimed to discern any tangible differences in listing performance both before and after this character addition.

In other words, does making your description longer translate to higher visibility? Or could it potentially deter potential guests due to its length?

We based our findings on data from 65 properties, and here’s the breakdown:

First Page Impression Rate

  • Before character addition: 44.5%
  • After character addition: 42.4%

A quick note on this: while the initial glance might suggest that lengthier descriptions result in a slight dip in rankings, it’s essential to contextualize this. A difference of around 1-2% is within a typical margin of error.

Hence, it isn’t conclusive evidence against longer descriptions. However, it’s evident that Airbnb doesn’t explicitly reward extended descriptions either.

Click Rate

The lengthier descriptions had almost no impact on the click rate, which aligns with our expectations. After all, potential guests can’t see your full description until they click into your listing.

Conversion Rate

  • Before the change: 1.05%
  • After the change: 1.04%

Again, we see a negligible difference, implying that the description’s length doesn’t substantially affect a guest’s decision to book.

The Revenue Rundown

The verdict? The length of your Airbnb description, at least based on our findings, doesn’t significantly impact your listing’s performance metrics. It’s less about how much you write and more about what you include in that space.

While our data provides a particular perspective, always remember the uniqueness of each listing and audience. What remains paramount is tailoring your description to accurately represent your property and resonate with your target guests.

Make sure you have important information like in-demand amenities, proximity to local attractions, property-specific benefits and perks, and more to entice your viewers to book with you.

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