How to Optimize Your Airbnb Listing: Tips from IntelliHost Co-Founder Jeff

Are you looking to optimize your Airbnb listing and increase your bookings? Jeff, the co-founder of IntelliHost, offers some valuable insights and tips on how to optimize your BnB listing. In this blog post, we will discuss how Éliane, an Airbnb host with a fantastic track record, can still make improvements to her listing to boost her booking rates even further. Let’s dive in!

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Using The Airbnb Booking Funnel To Analyze

Jeff first highlights the importance of understanding funnel metrics when analyzing an Airbnb listing. These metrics provide essential information about how guests interact with your listing and can help identify areas of improvement.

In Éliane’s case, her listing is a three-bedroom property in Quebec, Canada, with an impressive five-star average rating and over 100 reviews. To optimize her listing, Jeff suggests focusing on key areas within the booking funnel.


Although there isn’t a competitive benchmark for impressions, it is essential to monitor your listing’s growth trend. In Éliane’s case, her impressions are growing steadily, which is a positive sign.

First Page Impressions

First page impressions are determined by Airbnb’s algorithm and show you how many times your listing shows up in the first page of search.

In Éliane’s case, she is outperforming her competition with 566 first-page impressions over the last seven days compared to her competitors’ 135 impressions.

Click Rate

Éliane’s click rate is where improvement is needed. Her competition is converting first-page impressions into clicks more efficiently, at 34%, compared to her 17%.

To optimize her click rate, Jeff recommends evaluating the cover image and making it more eye-catching.

How to Optimize Your Cover Image

A well-designed cover image can significantly improve your listing’s click rate. When selecting a cover image, consider the following:

  • Choose an image that is bright and open, as these tend to perform best.
  • Highlight gathering spaces, especially for larger properties.

By improving her cover image, Éliane could potentially increase her click rate by 5-6%. IntelliHost’s change tracker can help monitor the impact of these changes in real-time.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

To further optimize your listing, focus on the top five images. These images should highlight your property’s most compelling amenities and give guests a reason to book your property over others.

In Éliane’s case, Jeff suggests replacing a busy image with one that better showcases the property’s unique selling points.


By following Jeff’s advice on optimizing her Airbnb listing, Éliane can further improve her already successful property. By focusing on key funnel metrics, enhancing her cover image, and optimizing her top five images, she can increase her click rate and conversion rates.

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